What types of yoga are there for beginners ?

Generally speaking, yoga is one of the most popular sports activities today. So, like any other sports exercise, it is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender. Therefore, whether you are male or female, teenager or adult, you will not miss your type of yoga training to practice. So what are the types of yoga for beginners? This article informs you about some of them.

Hatha Yoga

This word literally means the communion of naturally opposing energies just like the moon and the sun. It is a physical discipline and the aim is to concentrate the breath and certain positions in order to purify the whole body through the synergy of the human organism. The main principle of this discipline is composed of training of the breath, concentration for a meditation. For a beginner, it will be very easy and practical. This activity seems to be the gateway to yoga for the initiated.

Sivananda Yoga


This is another discipline which has its origin from the previous discipline. It seems to be one of the most famous yoga activities in India. Indeed, this discipline concentrates its activities on purification of the soul, meditation, love, etc. It also focuses on the physical and mental health of the individual. It also focuses on basic postures to have positivity, strength and also flexibility while training. As a beginner in the circle of yoga practitioners, you don’t have to worry too much, as Sivananda yoga already introduces you to the practice of this activity.

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the West. Still known as Flow Yoga, this is one of the many disciplines that is more accessible to all strata. Its exercises are based on the sequence of positions that are unique to it. By involving the fluidity of the practitioner’s rhythm and the control of the breath, Vinyasa Yoga is more suited to beginners who wish to be more toned and creative, as it remains a fairly simple and practical activity.

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