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त्रिरत्न उपाध्याय कॉलेज - भारत पर केंद्रित Triratna Precep
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Submitted By: Anonymous on December 17, 2015
About the Video: धम्मचारी अमोघसिध्दी, धम्मचारी यशोसागर के साथ भारत मे त्रिरत्न उपाध्याय कॉलेज के कार्य के बारे मे वार्तालाप करते हुऐ। Filmed at the Preceptors' College meeting in November 2015, this is an interview in Hindi between Yashosagar and Amoghasiddhi, both members of the Triratna Preceptors' College and closely involved with the work of Triratna in India. They talk specifically about their work to spread the Dhamma outside of Maharashtra and into the states of Uttar Pradesh, Gujerat, Kerala etc.
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Mrigendra commented on June 06, 2016
Both Dh. Amoghsiddhi and Yashosagar are Marathi but they speak Hindi well!! There is need to teach dhamma in more practical way in other states because their background is difference than Maharashtra.
Mrigendra commented on February 12, 2016
Thanks to Video Sangha to introduce the members of the preceptors College of India.
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