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Theatre East with Michael Frayn
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Submitted By: Anonymous on November 12, 2015
About the Video: Michael Frayn novels include Towards the End of the Morning, The Trick of It, Landing on the Sun and Skios. Headlong (1999) was shortlisted for the Booker Prize, while Spies (2002), won the Whitbread Novel Award. His seventeen plays range from Noises Off, recently chosen as one of the nation's three favourite plays, to Copenhagen, which won the 1998 Evening Standard Award for Best Play of the Year, the Prix Molière for Best New Play and the 2000 Tony Award for Best Play. Michael also wrote the screenplay for Clockwise, staring John Cleese. My Father’s Fortune (2010) won the PEN/Ackerley Prize. He’ll be in conversation with Maitreyabandhu about his life, his writing including Matchbox Theatre and The Human Touch: our part in the creation of the Universe.
This event begins a series of East evenings in association with the London Review of Books.
From October 24th 2015.
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