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'Stop Buying Stuff and Learn How To Be Happy Instead' - Ratnaguna
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Submitted By: Anonymous on March 31, 2011
About the Video: 'Stop Buying Stuff and Learn How To Be Happy Instead' - A talk by Ratnaguna given at the Manchester Buddhist Centre in the series 'Buddhism and Big Questions' on February 26 2011
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Lucinda commented on October 24, 2015
Excellent talk :)
Robert commented on October 20, 2011
food for thought :-)
Sudakini commented on September 26, 2011
thank you... very inspiring
vajralila commented on September 24, 2011
absolutely brilliant!
Vajracaksu commented on May 28, 2011
Thank you Ratnaguna for this lovely, enjoyable, intelligent and sane talk....may your happiness grow and deepen. Vajracaksu
pinchmitra commented on May 04, 2011
Awesome. I really like the idea of turning inward, and I hope to convince my patients in psychotherapy that turning inward will be, in part, a solution to what ever reason they came in for. I just got his book, and I've listened to his talks, but I thought I'd just see what else is out there about him, and I'm really pleased to have run across this lovely video that has a whole talk! Thank you.
Aryadhara commented on April 26, 2011
Aryadhara. Listening to Ratnaguna reminds me of why I am a Buddhist. He is articulate, well read, funny and down to earth. Thanks for all of that, I really, really apprecite it!
prasada commented on April 10, 2011
a joyous, rich, infectious talk, which exemplifies the topic.i was left with that tingly joy of inspiration and gratitude.thank­s,ratnaguna!
Dassini commented on April 01, 2011
A simple, beautiful, elegant talk. If someone asked me, right now, why I am a buddhist I would point to this and say "Here. This is why'.
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