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Misogyny and the Potential of Women in Buddhism - Singhashri
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Submitted By: Anonymous on October 07, 2015
About the Video: Singhashri gives a talk on the potential of women in Buddhism, and how our practice can help us move from anger to clarity in response to misogyny and sexism. Talk given for International Women’s Day, Manchester Buddhist Centre, 7th March 2015.

Please watch also the introductory talk Munisha gave first in the same series of talks, What is a Woman?

Although Singhashri says that Sangharakshita has suggested that women “are less likely to develop spiritually than men”, she acknowledges that he has never said precisely these words. What he has said is that women have less “spiritual aptitude” than men. Singhashri concludes that this means that he believes women are less likely to develop spiritually than men. In the talk, this is what she is disagreeing with.
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