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'Living what we love - a response to the Four Sights' - Amitasuri
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Submitted By: Anonymous on May 03, 2015
About the Video: A talk given at the Manchester Buddhist Centre on March 23 2015 at Triratna Night. Amitasuri explores with us what can hap­pen when faced with well-being, ill­ness, age­ing and death, and looks at how the Dharma might influ­ence our response. Amitasuri takes her Dharma prac­tice to her work as a Buddhist Hospital Chaplain, where she sup­ports health and well-being, through pas­toral, reli­gious and spir­itual care for staff, patients, their fam­il­ies and those who need it, in a num­ber of hos­pit­als in Greater Manchester.
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Viriyagita commented on June 01, 2015
Wow! What a gift, not only for dealing with my own illnesses and eventual death, but in being able to be with others in a really helpful way. Am feeling very inspired and want t0 listen again and again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Viriyagita
Dharmachari Vajracaksu commented on May 27, 2015
Dear Amitasuri, Thank you for that feast of being moved, it went to the heart...and the tears did come as you anticipated. I hope you're healthy, happy, coping well with suffering and continuing to blossom. Vajracaksu
Benledi commented on May 17, 2015
it reminded me of what is important in life and in sickness and reflect
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