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Kiranada - The Arts, Beauty, and the Greater Mandala
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Submitted By: Anonymous on December 17, 2015
About the Video: Here's Kiranada, celebrated artist and worker in non-harm silk, speaking on her return from a year on a Buddhist solitary retreat in the deep silence of the New Zealand bush. Filmed in the brilliant fall sunlight of New England, USA, Kiranada offers both down-to-earth suggestions for working in the 'greater mandala' of our lives through the Arts; and also inspiring verses and reflections on the place of silence, of craft, and of inner magic in a spiritual practice. Some beautiful gleaned moments of perception and insight from an artist in love with the great work she invites us all to take further in our own ways. Recorded in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for the 2015 Triratna International Urban Retreat. View more of Kiranada's work here:
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