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'Going Beyond Capitalism: A Buddhist Perspective' - Vaddhaka
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Submitted By: Admin on May 29, 2014
About the Video: Clear Vision Trust wrote: A talk given by Vaddhaka on May 25th 2014 at the Triratna International Retreat 2014 held at Adhisthana. Vaddhaka inspires Triratna Buddhists to learn more about economics and challenge the Neo-liberal economists' notion that individual greed will lead to everyone benefiting.

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Ayesha commented on January 12, 2015
Very good talk including practical ideas on how to improve things. Re: the point that there are no fair trade computers, there are fair smart phones available from http://www.fair­ & manufactured without the minerals mined in dangerous and exploitative conditions, and in factories with decent working conditions. Perhaps with one of those there would be no need for a computer. Maybe also they will start to produce computers next.
Tofu Queen commented on September 19, 2014
Brilliant, just brilliant. It's this kind of out of the box, knowledgeable and rigorous yet heart-centred engaged Buddhism that inspires me!
Dh. Vajracaksu commented on June 12, 2014
Hi Vaddhaka, Thank you very much for this sobering, thoughtful, clearly argued and important talk... Thank you for all the time, thought and care you put into it. Greetings from Istanbul Vajracaksu
Buddhaboy1979 commented on June 02, 2014
My name is Neil, I'm a Mitra from the Manchester Buddhist Centre. I've been studying the current main, Neo conservative economic system and its effect on us all I think this talk is a very good introduction to the the current economic system and how Buddhism can tackle it! I want to bring attention to two links. One link I think compliments this talk is a documentary called 'The Four Horsemen' by the renegade economist:­­=5fbvquHSPJU Another aspect that Vaddhaka didn't go into is our monetary system. Most money (currency), about 97%, is made out of thin air and then lent to us as debt by private bank. In general, we pay this imaginary money back with interest, when we take a loan, mortgage. This is outlined by a documentary called 97% owned.­­=XcGh1Dex4Yo. I believe this to be the largest roots to all suffering all around the world! One way we can act against this is in the support of alternative monetary systems. A group that I have joined called Positive Money is campaigning to do this. I urge anybody that reads this, to take a look and educate yourselves. Vaddhaka is correct, we must understand the current economic situation, to change it!
Av commented on June 02, 2014
Hi Francisca, go to freebuddhistaud­ and look for Sangharakshita to whom Vaddhaka refers to as Bhante and then look for New Society and Evolution, they are separate lectures that were give in the 60s and 70s I list a few which are classics that he likely referred to: www.freebuddhis­­/details?num=134 www.freebuddhis­­s/details?ser=X1­0 Best Wishes Av
aerialking commented on June 01, 2014
Hi Francisca, He's name is Vaddhaka and its the first talk I've heard from him and what a great clear talk it is. I've just typed he's name into "free buddist audio" website and there's seven more from him over a twelve year period. If I can find out about the tapes mentioned.
Francisca commented on May 31, 2014
Is there a transcript available?
Francisca commented on May 31, 2014
Thank you for sharing this talk, I can hardly believe how the universe has led me to this video at the exact time I needed some questions answered he answered most of them and the rest he led me to finding the answers. However, if anyone knows the name of the Dharma Sangha tapes he says he was listening to at about 1:00:48 on society and evolution, could you please pass on the info, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, what is his name, where can I get further talks and info on him? Thank you. Hope to find the books he recommended online. Thank you.
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