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'Buddhism, feminism and self-transcendence' - Dharmakarunya
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Submitted By: Anonymous on March 13, 2016
About the Video: In different ways and for different ultimate purposes, both Buddhism and feminism advocate self-transformation for the good of self and others. In the general context of Triratna Buddhism, Dharmakarunya explores to what extent feminism can be consistent with the Dharma.
Individual questions include:
- To what extent can feminism be considered a Right View?
- Does feminist struggle belong to what Sangharakshita has termed the ‘love mode’ or to the ‘power mode’ or to both?
- How might Triratna Buddhism’s practice of single-sex activities enable self-transcendence for women and men?
- What might a Dharmic sexual politics look like in 2016?

A talk given at the Manchester Buddhist Centre on International Women's Day, 12 March 2016.
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