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The Meditative Life - Prakasha
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Submitted By: Anonymous on August 20, 2009
About the Video: clear vision wrote: The Meditative Life, a talk by Prakasha, given at the Western Buddhist Order European Men's Convention at Padmaloka on 8 August 2009.

The theme of the Convention was Inner life, Outer life, which draws on two key descriptions of the Bodhisattva. One from Geshe Drom - disciple of Atisha - describes the Bodhisattva as manifesting sunyatakarunagarbha, the essence of voidness and compassion. The second is from the Ratnagotravibhaga, where the Bodhisattva is one who, "whilst dwelling in the stillness of the formless meditations is continually ablaze with external activity".
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sratna commented on October 20, 2009
Sadhu Prakasha for your amazing account of your meditative life. It was also wonderful to watch and enjoy you enjoying delivering your talk. I remembered very fondly those few months where I lived in community with you and Gunapala and Khemapala when we were doing the preliminary building work to convert Vajrakuta.May your life continue to be beneficial to all beings.
das commented on September 15, 2009
Thank you for the Talk .And the Golden thread was wider Than I thought.
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