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'The Ground' - Saddhaloka
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Submitted By: Anonymous on May 09, 2016
About the Video: 'The Ground' - Lineages of Teachings, Practices and Institutions - a talk given at the Triratna Buddhist Order Men's UK & Ireland Area Order Weekend at Padmaloka, 8 May 2016. June 2016 is the fortieth anniversary of the founding of Padmaloka and to mark this, the Padmaloka chapter organised the Area Order​Weekend. It was Bhante who named Lesingham House Padmaloka, telling us that it was one of the names of Padmasambhava's Pure Land, so the Order weekend was devoted to the lineage of Sangharakshita. Some years ago Bhante spoke of his lineage as fourfold: a lineage of teachings, of practices, of inspiration and institutions.
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