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Ordinary Magic
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Submitted By: Anonymous on January 16, 2014
About the Video: Exploring three dimensions of friendship between men, the casual, the conscious and the spiritual. 00:00 Intro 02:29 Part One: Bonding 24:56 Part Two: Free to choose 50:40 Part Three: Bonded and free
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KeithG commented on November 02, 2016
This is a highly inspirational video that explores and celebrates friendship between men. In my opinion, it is often hard for men to make deep and meaningful friendships with other men, and many men end up a bit isolated and miserable as a result. This film is a great antidote to that issue, and can inspire all of us (including women) to deepen our friendships, so that we can lead a more joyful, supported and connected life. On another level, it also documents the portrait by Aloka of his friend Alaya at the end of the 90s that hangs in the Padmaloka dining room. Alaya sadly passed away recently which adds a whole new layer of poignancy to the film.
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