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International Urban Retreat 2015 Promo
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Submitted By: Anonymous on April 28, 2016
About the Video: Chances are you aspire to live a skiful and aware life, want to meditate and practise mindfulness and kindness in your life. One of the best ways to support our practice is to go on retreat – take a week or more to move away from our normal habitual surroundings, live a simple life with a degree of silence and solitude, some Dharma input and time for more meditation than usual. But for some of us it is hard to get away on retreat – and in any case, the fact is that we spend most of our life immersed in ‘life’ – work, kids, commuting, doing the shopping, and the myriad and endless potential distractions of the 21st century. Our “Urban Retreat” is a week of online talks, teachings, led meditations, and other resources – all designed to help you practise the Buddha’s teachings more effectively as you go about your day. Join now at
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