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Gender Diversity In Triratna
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Submitted By: Anonymous on May 18, 2016
About the Video: Parami interviews Kamalanandi and Padmavyuha about gender diversity in Triratna on the occasion of the first residential retreat for gender diverse people in our community. A timely and topical discussion about the issues raised in society generally by changes in awareness around gender – and in a particular Buddhist culture as it expands its sense of itself to be more inclusive and more forward thinking about a crucial area of personal identity. The implications for ideas of practice as a Buddhist are considerable and represent a great opportunity for deepening both our sense of individuality and of community. The conversation includes a wonderful Q & A session about issues general and specific around gender diversity awareness and its positive effects within contemporary society and within the Triratna Buddhist Community. Contact the Facebook group for Triratna Gender Diverse people and our allies: To join The Buddhist Centre Online private group - contact us on [email protected]
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