Rhassoul clay : what are the benefits and how to use ?

Rhassoul clay has a huge role in several beauty and makeup strategies around the world. This clay is known to remove black spots, oil and dirt from the skin. Also, it possesses many skin benefits which can make your skin glow.

However, you need to source it from a reputable dealer to avoid getting an inferior product. Let’s talk about rhassoul clay, its use and its numerous benefits.

About the rhassoul clay

First, rhassoul clay is a clay type that many people use to improve their skin texture. This product is a great cosmetic one which helps your hair and skin glow and curbs appeal from close people.

While investigations are still going on about the full benefits of rhassoul clay, it has shown great potential as a cosmetic product. In the Middle East, some call it Ghassoul clay or Moroccan red clay. It is a kind of Stevensite (rich magnesium) which offers your skin its many benefits.

Benefits of the Rhassoul clay

Although there isn’t detailed data on all that this cosmetic product can offer, some recent research show that it beautifies the body. This clay has some exfoliating and clarifying features which allow your skin to become radiant.

Moreover, it can help get rid of excess oil and rejuvenate dead skin cells. When used as instructed, this rhassoul clay leaves users’ skin soft and better than before. Also, it removes skin impurities more quickly than other cosmetics. Skincare experts always advise using this product once in the morning and before going to bed.

It has also been claimed that the rhassoul clay has healthy properties, which it infuses into the skin. This is done because it has calcium, potassium and magnesium properties which facilitate skin repair.

Possible risk factors

While rhassoul clay comes with several merits, people should consider some risks that could come with it. These risks could be mild or severe depending on your body. Not surprisingly, the rhassoul clay isn’t edible and should not touch your mouth. This is because it has many heavy metals and elements which are dangerous to be ingested. Eating it could lead to muscle weakness and stomach upset.

Also, before using it on your skin or hair, you should talk to a dermatologist first. These skin care experts will be in the best position to decide how it can work for you. There have been certain cases of skin irritation and uneasy reactions on some skins.

Usage of Rhassoul clay

You can use the rhassoul clay as clarifying shampoo because it has some cleansing properties. It helps lift buildup, dirt and oil from your skin scalp. Moreover, you can also use it as a face mask, however, you need to mix it with water or hydrosol. This should be left on your skin to form a paste. Leave for a few minutes before removing it to get better results.

Furthermore, some cosmetics enthusiasts use rhassoul clay as a face scrub because it has some powdery texture. The message from this product helps stimulate blood movement.

Rhassoul clay is a nice product with origins in the Middle East. This product comes with many benefits when used on the skin and hair. For example, it helps detoxify your skin, smoothen your hair and repair dry scalp.

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