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2014 European Men's Convention
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Talks from the Triratna Buddhist Order European Men's Convention held at Adhisthana August 14-19 2014.

The men’s convention, the first to be held at Adhisthana, was based on Milarepa's final
exhortation from ‘The Shepherds Search for Mind’ which provides a complete path, effortlessly
combining devotion and meditation.
Each day took a portion of the text and opened it out.

Day one (1st full day): Setting the scene & dhyana as the natural human state
“When your body is rightly posed, and your consciousness absorbed deep in meditation,
You may feel that thought and mind both disappear;
Yet this is but the surface experience of Dhyana.
By constant practice and mindfulness thereon,
One feels radiant Self-awareness shining like a brilliant lamp.
It is pure and bright as a flower,
It is like the feeling of staring
Into the vast and empty sky.
The Awareness of Voidness is limpid and transparent, yet vivid.
This Non-thought, this radiant and transparent experience
Is but the feeling of Dhyana”.

Day Two: Devotion
“With this good foundation, One should further pray to the Three Precious Ones.”
“Dear son, the Virtue-seeker, bear this instruction in your consciousness”

Day Three: Bodhicitta
“With the power of kindness and compassion,
And with the altruistic vow of the Bodhi-Heart,
He can see direct and clear
The truth of the Enlightened Path,
Of which nothing can be seen, yet all is clearly visioned”.

Day Four: Silent meditation day
“…And penetrate to Reality by deep thinking and contemplation.
He thus can tie the non-ego Wisdom
With the beneficial life-rope of deep Dhyana”.

Day Five: the Goal
“He sees how wrong were the fears and hopes of his own mind.
Without arrival, he reaches the place of Buddha;
Without seeing, he visions the Dharmakaya;
Without effort, he does all things naturally”.
2014 European Men's Convention
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