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Sangharakshita and his Legacy
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Submitted By: aj on March 17, 2009
About the Video: Filmed at Madhyamaloka in January 2009, Mahamati asks Bhante Sangharakshita about his recent life, literary work, and what he considers to be his legacy.
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Manjudeep commented on April 23, 2010
I watched this at Bodhagaya International Convention at first. It was Inspiring. Want to see again and again.
anatta commented on April 08, 2010
it was a great joy to hear a master speak.
Kulaprabha commented on April 09, 2009
This is the second time I've tried t listen to this. Have now given up twice because of the slow streaming and repeated pauses. It's not my broadband link which I use to watch other streamed progs easily. I would add the link to Taraloka website if it wasn't for this. Great idea this site, just not working very well for me. Love...Kulaprab­ha
Bhante (163) Sangharakshita (22)
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